Protect your house from unauthorized entry and vandalism.

If your house incurs fire damage, there is a high possibility that parts of your house will be exposed to the public. Not only should your property be secured to protect the integrity of the scene for insurance purposes; your valuables such as personal items, appliances and furniture may be potential targets for thieves since all the secure and protective walls of your home are gone. To prevent strangers from entering your house while you are in the process of restoring the damaged areas, emergency board up services can install a covering system around the open spaces in your house.

Where to Look for Quality Emergency Board Up Services

Not all emergency boarding up services will give you the quality workmanship that you desire, so it will be a good idea to scout for a duly licensed and certified company that provides emergency board up services with the most extensive coverage.

If you want the best board up service that is characterized by quality workmanship and holistic approach to problem solving, damage restoration companies are a must. We have technicians and professionals that have been rigorously trained and certified to give only the highest level of quality service.

We offer a variety of services that not only cleans and restores your property to its original state, we also make sure that your home or building remains structurally sound as well as aesthetically appealing.

Here are a few reasons why we are simply the best when it comes to emergency board up services:

  • We use high quality materials
  • We use only the latest in diagnostic and imaging technology
  • Services performed by highly efficient and knowledgeable technicians

When Do You Need to Call for an Emergency Board Up Service?

Fire Damage

In fire damage, surfaces can be significantly weakened, because of the pressure of the heat and the combustion of the organic material that is present in our property. The end result of fire is almost always carbon, which is very brittle if not exposed to extreme pressures and temperatures. This results to brittle and very fragile structures that no ordinary boarding up will ever be adequate to prevent from collapsing. Professional fire damage companies will use a special kind structural bracing to prevent the collapse of the entire property. This will also render the property relatively safer to enter so that retrieval of other belongings can proceed.

Water Damage

Water leaks, and even moisture can always pose a significant threat to the integrity of a certain structure. Even before flood and water damage restoration companies even move in to remove water from an affected structure, they will first board up the property to make sure that it doesn’t give in to the outside water pressure. Furthermore, the cause of the flooding and water leak will be determined through a variety of high tech methods. This is to make sure that adequate boarding up will be employed to render the property safe to enter. Emergency board up services are particularly important in water damaged properties that have been vacated or are unoccupied.

Natural Disasters

Tornadoes, storms, and hail storms. Our homes become vulnerable to various damages. Roofs may fly off, walls may be stripped down, ceilings may cave in, and windows and doors can eventually shatter to pieces. Professional damage restoration companies can provide you preventive board up services especially to vulnerable parts of the home. Since the garage is the largest opening in a home, it should be boarded up firmly and securely even before violent weather strikes. The windows, doors, and vents should also be boarded up as well as bracing the ceiling, walls, and roofing. After the storm, professionals can be called in to board up the property so that it will be protected from further damage. As expected, bugs, rodents, and even snakes can literally crawl into your property after a violent storm through the openings the storm has left in its wake.

Vehicular Accidents

Your property may sustain considerable damage, depending on the force of the impact of collision. More often than not, you will have a huge gaping hole in your wall that will leave you vulnerable to the elements. Before this ever occurs, professional board up services should be called in to protect your property and render it safe to live in.


Unfortunately, vandalism, crime, and violence can contribute to significant property damage such as breaks in the walls and fixtures.

The idea of securing damaged property is to act on it with a sense of urgency. We offers the right kind of services and can help property owners restore security and safety to their valued assets.

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